Well, we’ve come out of the Dark Ages and have embraced YouTube! Here are video clips from some of our popular madrigal dinner scripts. Enjoy!

Bob Bados, a Pirate Tale

While the King and his men are off to war, the castle is taken over by the ruthless raider of the world, Captain Kidd, a pirate whom no one has heard of, much to Kidd’s frustration.  The Queen and her ladies of the court (and the Jester), must think of a way to take the castle back. A script with many female roles and perfect for those itching to do a pirate play! Arrg!

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A Loop in Time

This madrigal dinner has a lot of fun audience interaction! One of our more popular dinner plays, Loop in Time is about the devious Duke Dagon who is secretly plotting to usurp the thrown. Currently, the King has suffered memory loss from a recent injury, so the Queen devises a plan to catch Dagon in his treachery. If they trick Dagon into thinking he is reliving the same day over and over again, Dagon will eventually be caught! As the madrigal dinner keeps repeating, Dagon gets crazier, with hilarious consequences. Some fun audience interaction with this madrigal script and lots of laughs.

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The Perfect Lie

The King is holding a lying contest to replace his foreign minister, who has an annoying habit of telling the truth. The person who can tell the best lie will become the new foreign minister. Meanwhile, Peter Piper, from a place called Poppycock with a pittance of a population, is setting forth to seek his fortune.  In order to perform a good deed for an old woman he meets along the way, he must find (among other things) a flower that blooms in the winter solstice, a newborn lamb with two clefts in its right front hoof, and an answer to a riddle for a leprechaun. A lively madrigal dinner with a fun role even for the light guy, you’ll find that sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction.

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The Tragedy of Orpheus: A Comedy

The Jester hires his aunt’s acting troupe to perform at court, but what he doesn’t know is that the “acting troupe” is really his aunt’s sewing circle. And there’s a lot at stake, the last theater group to perform was so boring that the King had them thrown in the dungeon! The Jester desperately tries to improve his auntie’s acting troupe as they perform the Greek tragedy of Orpheus and Eurydice, but the results are a hilarious disaster! Lots of laughs and mild audience interaction, this is perhaps one of our funniest plays.

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Cinder Ella Phant

A creative and entertaining parody of the classic fairy tale, this dinner theater play will have the audience rolling on the ye old floor. The premise: the Jester is telling the story of Cinderella . . . with some embellishments of his own. For one, Cinder Ella Phant has ginormous ears, her fairy Godmother is mixed up in the mob, and the woodland animals are on strike. She finds that Prince Charming is a cad, and his brother Prince Frank is a nerd. Cinder Ella Phant finds love at the ball, but not with who you might think. An easy-to-produce madrigal script with humorous twists on an old story.

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The Desperate Housewives of Shakespeare

A full length play which authors Jim and Jane Jeffries now have published through Eldridge Plays Publishing House, this play combines all of Shakespeare’s leading ladies in one murder mystery. The victim? William Shakespeare himself. A strong female cast, this is a hilarious mishmash of all of the Bard’s famous works.

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