Madrigal dinner scripts

Madrigal dinners take the audience back to Renaissance times by transforming the showplace into a royal banquet hall where great feasts were held during the twelve days of Christmas. As one of the favored guests, you would partake in a sumptuous meal and be entertained by jugglers, actors, and musicians. The schedule includes a toast, presentation of the boar’s head, the meal, and dessert. All performers are in character and dressed in Renaissance garb, but still practicing modern hygiene–the best of both worlds!  It is a night of choral singing with a humorous masque to conclude the evening.

What are the advantages of hosting a  madrigal dinner?

  • It is an enjoyable fundraiser. Once you get the event established, people look forward to it every year, and the ticket sales become an easy matter. After the first two years, our medieval dinners consistently sold out every year.
  • It is a chance for your group to showcase students in many areas. You will find that your performers have many hidden talents that they would love to show off.
  • This event is a great community-builder within your school or organization since it can involve many volunteers.
  • If you do not have a music program, you can still have this event.
  • People like the idea of being transported back in time. These events are fun for all ages.
  • Finally (and most importantly), eating with your fingers is not a faux pas.

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