Other Published Works by Jim & Jane Jeffries

Short Comedies

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Desperate Housewives of Shakespeare
Shakespeare has been murdered, and his leading ladies are being questioned: Cleopatra, Lady Macbeth, Titania, Kate, Juliet, and Rosalind. Who had motive to murder the great bard? To check out this play, click here.

Fairy Tale Princess Game of Thrones
Due to a series of strange accidents at the castle, Snow White suspects a plot against her. Belle, a master of camouflage, agrees to smoke out the assassin and uncovers a plot she didn’t expect. With many of your favorite princesses, this family-friendly comedy is sure to entertain. To check out this play, click here.

Law & Order: Nursery Rhyme Unit
Detective Green and the Punnish Sir are investigating the tragic case of Humpty Dumpty, and they suspect fowl play! They only have one hour to solve the crime, and they’re scrambling for answers! A tongue and cheek comedy, which you can order if you click here.

The Loathsome Lady
The Black Knight challenges King Arthur to a sword fight, and though King Arthur valiantly defends himself (with a rubber chicken as well as other weapons), the Black Knight defeats him. To save his life, King Arthur must answer the Black Knight’s riddle: what do women most desire? For more information about this play or to order, click here.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram–with so many social networks, how much socializing are we actually doing? This play dives into the lives of teenagers and explores how technology has structured our human interactions. To see this play, click here.

Scrooge, Marley, & Me
King Scrydan is so cheap, he can’t even pay attention. However, one night, the ghost of the King’s late brother appears to him from beyond Jamaica, warning the King of his stingy ways. A funny twist of the classic play A Christmas Carol. To order this play, click here.

Tech Week
Tech week. It’s like trying to hit a home run with a tennis racket. In this comedy, the techies have chosen the play, Cats from Mars. Broken props and hyper-caffeinated techies are only some of the problems. We directors ask it every time: Is there any hope for this show? To check out this play, click here.

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Christmas Present
A modern retelling of the Christmas story, a hotel manager struggles with the chaos of a full hotel: trekkies for a Star Trek convention, girls competing in a basketball tournament, and the homeless registering with a census agent. Amidst all the chaos, will they miss something truly special? Click here to see more.

The Good, the Bad, and the Sugary
A new nutritionist is coming to Dodge City, and she’s not sweet on anything. She’s come to clean up the streets of Dodge . . . of sugar. Quickly losing their favorite snacks, the townspeople turn to Doc Holliday to save them. But, it turns out, Doc is a little sweet on the new nutritionist. To read more about this play, click here.

Gullible’s Travels
Mr. Dabney Pickett has a talent for exaggeration, and as he returns to Georgia to reunite, after 70 years, with his first love, he creates all kinds of mayhem with his tales. The funniest tall tales ever told, this is a fun play of humor and romance. To check out this play, click here.

Grimm, M.D.: Fairy Tale Doctor
Dr. Grimm is a renowned diagnostician, and his day is packed with new cases. The Gingerbread Man has an unusual yeast infection, Pinocchio scheduled a nose job, and the Wolf is in need of a grannyectomy. Dr. Grimm races to figure out cures, but his day is about to get even more interesting. For more on this play, click here.

Jack & the Frankenbeanstalk
2013-01-06 23.46.41Dr. Frankenbean has spliced the genes of beans and homo sapiens to create human beans. Jack finds the beans and climbs the beanstalk to seek his fortune. Dr. Frankenbean, who wants her genetic experiments back, pursues Jack. The Village People, who oppose genetically-modified food, pursue Dr. Frankenbean.  A pun-filled, hilarious twist on a traditional fairy tale. Click here to check it out.

One-Acts with Serious Topics

A young teenage girl finds out she’s pregnant, and she must make a decision between abortion, adoption, and parenting. After getting several perspectives from friends, she realizes she wasn’t the only one who had to make a hard decision. For more information, click here.

Locked In
Grace has “locked in” syndrome, where a person can hear and understand everything around them, but is incapable of any movement. Her life is relived in flashbacks as her father and husband decide whether to take her off of life support. To read more, click here.

The Ninth Train

Just before the start of World War II, Nicholas Winton organized trains to transport Jewish children out of Czechoslovakia to England.  Known as the kindertransports, these trains successfully rescued 664 Jewish children. This drama explores one family’s experiences with the growing tensions in the region and the difficult choice they have to make in order that their family might still have a small hope of survival. To read more, click here.

The Girl in the Red Hijab

Samira, an outspoken and articulate Muslim girl, gets on the wrong side of a group of students by challenging them on their assumptions about Islam. Offended, they nominate her for homecoming court as a way to embarrass her and then follow with a nasty text campaign. This script explores different prejudices and misinformation about Muslims in America and is also another look at bullying in general. Coming out this fall with Brooklyn Publishers.


Law & Order: C-rhyme and Pun-ishment
In the nursery rhyme justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups — the detectives, who investigate the crime, and the magistrates, who prosecute the defenders. These are their rhymes. To learn more, click here.