Newest Titles

Silent Night

2 Males, 2 Females, 7 M/F, and Extras

Goodman Brassworks has made the King a new jousting helmet. They also made the bell in Saint Basil’s Belfry, so when Sir Clapper hit the King’s noggin during a joust, the King is hearing nothing but constant ringing. It’s beginning to take its toll. And it’s anything but a silent night around the castle. If it doesn’t get quiet, then more than a few people may be asking for whom the bell tolls. This script is easy to produce, has flexible casting, and is highly-interactive with the audience.

A Hard Day’s Knight: a Tale of the Table Round

5 Males, 5-7 Females, Extras M/F

Gareth wants to be somebody, but now he wishes he would have been a little more specific. Jester helps him get a job in the kitchen under the tutelage of Kay the Cook. Lady Evelyn (she puts the “mean” in “demean”) comes to Camelot to enlist some knights to rescue her sister from three evil knights. Gareth, disguised as a kitchen knave, convinces the King to allow him to take the quest. Lady Evelyn is not pleased. The journey proves to be a hard day—with some difficult knights—but don’t be fooled by appearances.

A Christmas Hard Day’s Knight

5 Males, 5-7 Females, Extras M/F

Same story but adapted for the Christmas season. 

The Twelve Days of Christmas

3 Male, 3 Female, and 4-9 Extras (M/F)

Why is someone singing “Come on Get Happy” in a pear tree?  Why are three hens wearing little French maid outfits? And why do eight maids need more cow bell?  The answer is that Duke Dimm is giving Princess Anne a gift for each day of the twelve days of Christmas.