Christmas Madrigal Titles

A Christmas Fruitcake (And Other Weighty Matters)

Cast Size: 4 Male, 5 Female, 2 M/F, 4-6 Extras

The royal family gets together for a Christmas dinner, and well, you know how those are. They find themselves in a sticky situation, and we’re not talking about the fruitcake.

A Christmas Hard Day’s Knight

Cast Size: 5 Male, 5-7 Female, Extras

What Gareth wants for Christmas is to prove his worth, not through his name or title, but through his own merit.

Christmas Past and a Present

Cast Size: 4 Male, 3 Female, 1 M/F, and Extras

Princess Abigail receives an unusual gift from her Grandmother. It’s called a “book.”

Follow Me in Merry Measure

Cast Size: 4 Male, 3 Female, 4 M/F, Extras

The Baroque Chorale is doing one of their annoying Christmas holiday fundraisers, and the Steward hires a servant girl to infiltrate their ranks and bring down the choir from within.

Good King Whatsisface

Cast Size: 6 Male, 5 Female, and Extras M/F

In order to teach the Court a lesson, the King switches places with the Jester. A jumbled Christmas script with a heartwarming message.

Oh This Myst’ry O’ Christmas Tree

Cast Size: 7 Male, 7 Female, Extras

Aunt Agatha sends word to an uninvited guest for Christmas dinner–a thief! Mischief ensues!

The Perfect Lie, Christmas Version

Cast Size: 6 Male, 5 Female, 2 M/F, and Extras

The King’s foreign minister is a terrible liar, and his Christmas thank you notes are a disaster. After all, Christmas is a time of selfless gift-giving . . . and lying. So the King decides to hold a tournament to find out who can tell the best lie.

Princess Grace of Knockerdown, Christmas Version

Cast Size: 3-5 Male, 3 Female, 1 M/F, Extras

Princess Grace is cursed with incredible clumsiness, and the King and Queen are looking for a Christmas miracle to break the curse.

The Re-Gift of the Magi

Cast Size: 4 Male, 3 Female, Extras

The Jester gets an idea to re-gift old Christmas presents in order to get better ones. When others get gifts they had given to someone else, the Jester has some explaining to do.

Scrooge, Marley & Me

Cast Size: 7 Male, 7 Female, 3 M/F, Extras

A comedic twist of A Christmas Carol, King Scrydan is visited by his Jamaican brother and three ghosts who persuade him to live a little.

Silent Night

Cast Size: 2 Male, 2 Female, 7 M/F, Extras

Due to a jousting accident, all the King can hear is ringing in his ears. He desperately wants a silent night, but it’s anything but quiet in the castle.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Cast Size: 3 Male, 3 Female, 4-9 Extras (M/F)

Duke Dimm is wooing Princess Anne by giving her a gift for every day of the 12 days of Christmas. Frankly, she’s not that impressed but since she’s giving the gifts away, Fiona hopes to make out like a bandit.