Christmas Themes

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A Christmas Fruitcake (And Other Weighty Matters)

The royal family gets together for a Christmas dinner, and well, you know how those are. They find themselves in a sticky situation, and we’re not talking about the fruitcake.

Carol of the Belles

Living in northern England, the Queen has had a falling out with her Southern cousins. But the King has arranged for a surprise visit, bless his little heart.

Christmas Past and a Present

Princess Abigail receives an unusual gift from her Grandmother. It’s called a “book.”

Follow Me in Merry Measure

The Baroque Chorale is doing one of their annoying Christmas holiday fundraisers, and the Steward hires a servant girl to infiltrate their ranks and bring down the choir from within.

Good King Whatsisface

In order to teach the Court a lesson, the King switches places with the Jester. A jumbled Christmas script with a heartwarming message.

A Hard Day’s Knight, Christmas Version

What Gareth wants for Christmas is to prove his worth, not through his name or title, but through his own merit.

Oh This Myst’ry O’ Christmas Tree

Aunt Agatha sends word to an uninvited guest for Christmas dinner–a thief! Mischief ensues!

The Perfect Lie, Christmas Version

The King’s foreign minister is a terrible liar, and his Christmas notes are a disaster. After all, Christmas is a time of selfless gift-giving . . . and lying. So the King decides to hold a tournament to find out who can tell the best lie.

Princess Grace of Knockerdown, Christmas Version

Princess Grace is cursed with incredible clumsiness, and the King and Queen are looking for a Christmas miracle to break the curse.

The Re-Gift of the Magi

The Jester gets an idea to re-gift old Christmas presents in order to get better ones. When others get gifts they had given to someone else, the Jester has some explaining to do.

Scrooge, Marley & Me

A comedic twist of A Christmas Carol, King Scrydan is visited by his Jamaican brother and three ghosts who persuade him to live a little.

Silent Night

Due to a jousting accident, all the King can hear is ringing in his ears. He desperately wants a silent night, but it’s anything but quiet in the castle.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Duke Dimm is wooing Princess Anne by giving her a gift for every day of the 12 days of Christmas. Frankly, she’s not that impressed but since she’s giving the gifts away, Fiona hopes to make out like a bandit.