Bob Bados, a Pirate Tale

Once every 10 years, the Queen’s brother is allowed to visit. The problem is that he’s a pirate and, therefore, can’t be trusted. In fact, Jester and some of the kitchen maids discover that there are other pirates in the castle—looking for the treasure room. Hoping to save the Queen’s reputation, they plot together with the head cook to take them out quietly. Mixed up identities, audience banter, and a surprise ending make this script very fun to perform. And who doesn’t love pirates?

(4 Males, 6 Females, Extra courtiers M/F)                                           

JESTER (M) Funny man of the court, though he doesn’t always know when to quit. 

KING (M) Lord of the castle who doesn’t enjoy family reunions all that much.

QUEEN (F) Lady of the castle whose only brother is a pirate. 

CAPTAIN BOB (M) A pirate you’ve never heard of, yet he’s related to the Queen. 

STACY (M) A big, mean pirate, but he’s sensitive about his name. 

BEA BONNY (F) a pirate one escudo short of a doubloon. (In other words, she’s not that smart. Oh, look it up.) 

CALICO CADY (F) a pirate who wears a hook on her left hand, also one escudo short . . .

LIBBY (F) a servant girl with a bizarre and varied employment history. 

ABBY (F) a servant girl who gets unnerved easily.

FIONA (F) The head cook of the castle, and she takes her work very seriously.