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The Queen’s brother is a pirate, and he’s coming for a visit. Arrr-guably the best pirate script for a madrigal dinner, the plot will keep you hooked!

The royal family gets together for a Christmas dinner, and well, you know how those are. They find themselves in a sticky situation, and we’re not talking about the fruitcake.

The Queen has had a falling out with her Southern cousins, but the King has invited them for a surprise visit. Just one more Merry Christmas. 

Princess Abigail receives an unusual gift from her Grandmother. It’s called a “book.”

It’s the classic fairy tale with a twist–Cinderella has huge ears!

The Baroque Chorale is doing one of their annoying Christmas holiday fundraisers, and the Steward hires a servant girl to infiltrate their ranks and bring down the choir from within.

Jester loses his job over an act gone wrong and is replaced by a Jestress. While the Jester tries to get his job back, a few love triangles form.

A 25-minute mini script, in this one, a group called the “Fool Hardies” is out of work and looking to fill time at the Royal Court.

A sequel, in this script the King has posted an ad for body guards . . . and gets the Fool Hardies instead.

Three’s the charm, and in this short script, the Jester has resigned, and the Fool Hardies face off for the position!

In order to teach the Court a lesson, the King switches places with the Jester. A jumbled Christmas script with a heartwarming message.

Lady Evelyn visits Camelot to enlist some knights to rescue her sister. The King allows Gareth, disguised as a kitchen knave, to take the quest. The journey proves to be a hard day—with some difficult knights.

What Gareth wants for Christmas is to prove his worth without his name and title.

The King’s nephew doesn’t like how the Town Crier reports the news and decides to add a spin of his own–resulting in quite a bit of hullabaloo!

The Jester’s jokes stink, the politician’s slogans are stiff, the suitor’s pick up lines are silly, and the advertiser’s jingles don’t ring a bell. But legend says there’s a magical stone that can fix all that.

Evil Duke Dagon is looking to usurp the throne, but no one can prove it. The Queen decides to have everyone repeat the same day over and over again–hoping they can catch Dagon in the act!

Aunt Agatha sends word to an uninvited guest for Christmas dinner–a thief! Mischief ensues!

There has been an outbreak of the Black Breath, but no one knows how it’s spreading. Everyone is required to wear masks, and the King is not happy.  The Queen proposes some masked entertainment. 

The King’s foreign minister is a terrible liar, so the King is holding a contest for a new foreign minister with a flair for exaggeration. But the old foreign minister isn’t going to take this lying down!

The King’s foreign minister is a terrible liar, and his Christmas notes are a disaster. After all, Christmas is a time of selfless gift-giving . . . and lying. So the King decides to hold a tournament to find out who can tell the best lie.

Because of a little faux pas the King committed at his daughter’s christening, his daughter is cursed with incredible clumsiness. They desperately try to get her married off while the castle is still standing.

Princess Grace is cursed with incredible clumsiness, and the King and Queen are looking for a Christmas miracle to break the curse.

The Jester gets an idea to re-gift old Christmas presents in order to get better ones. When others get gifts they had given to someone else, the Jester has some explaining to do.

A sequel to our popular script “A Ring of Truth,” but this time the Wise Woman gives a ring that forces the wearer to tell only lies. Confusion follows when the ring gets passed around the Court.

A fortune teller gifts the Queen with a special ring. However, unbeknown to the Royal Court, the ring forces the wearer to tell the truth. Trouble ensues as the ring is passed around the Court!

In this madrigal, Robin isn’t the hero. It’s up to Friar Tuck and the Nunjas to right all wrongs. A funny version of a familiar classic.

A comedic twist of A Christmas Carol, King Scrydan is visited by his Jamaican brother and three ghosts who persuade him to live a little.

Humorous renditions of Shakespeare’s classic plays under 20 minutes. Includes Romeo & Juliet, Midsummer Night’s Dream, and much more!

Due to a jousting accident, the King has terrible ringing in his ears, and all he wants is a silent night.

A twist on a familiar tale. In this story, who is the unfairest of them all?

The Jester takes a much needed holiday, but when his substitute starts to outshine him, he must connive a way to secure his position as court jester.

The Jester has persuaded the King to hire his aunt’s acting troupe, but he finds out they’re terrible. Since the last acting troupe to disappoint the King ended up in prison, he scrambles to make his aunt’s troupe spectacular.

Duke Dimm is wooing Princess Anne by giving her a gift for every day of the 12 days of Christmas. Frankly, she’s not that impressed, but since she’s giving the gifts away, Fiona hopes to make out like a bandit.

A Scottish kilt has been killed, and the Royal investigators have been called in to investigate the crime. A medieval Law & Order parody you don’t want to miss!

Prince Charming is not charming, and he enlists the help of Rosalyn to turn him into a romantic.