Jim and Jane Jeffries reside in the frozen land of Eau Claire, WI. Since the local recreational options are limited to strapping boards on your feet and freezing, strapping tennis rackets on your feet and freezing, or sitting on a bucket next to a hole in the ice and freezing, they decided to pursue some indoor activities.

They have been writing and producing madrigal dinner scripts since 1995. They write each script as a team. Jim has the most important job of carefully crafting each pun, joke, and slapstick humor. Jane takes care of such minor details as plot, character development, story-line, setting, and making sure that the plays “make sense.”

Jane Jeffries, President, holds an M.A. in English from Penn State University and has taught English, Drama, and Creative Writing at the high school and college levels.

Jim Jeffries, Head Lackey, holds an M.A. in American Studies and teaches social studies at North High School, where he performs 900 shows a year to audiences of 30 who are not easily amused.

Claire (Jeffries) Wilson, Lackey, holds a B.A. in English/Creative Writing from UW-Eau Claire. Instead of waiting tables, she decided to try her hand at madrigal script writing. Luckily, her parents happen to own a madrigal dinner script business. Claire is married to a wonderful man, Glenn, also a Creative Writing major. Donations are accepted.


Elizabeth (not Jeffries) Huffman, Waif, is a novice at madrigal script writing, whisked up by the Jeffries clan after having written material solely for the high school at which she plies her trade as a wandering minstrel (a.k.a. substitute teacher).