A Ring of Truth

The King, a crabby sort of fellow, has returned from the hunt and has invited a wise woman he met in the woods to the court. Though the King’s only purpose is to have fun at her expense, he finds that the wise woman has a few tricks of her own. She leaves the Queen with an unusual ring, one which will force the wearer to always tell the truth. As the ring gets passed around the court, they find that they must tell the truth, which simply is just not done in polite society. Truth replaces flattery in the court, and the King’s dungeon is getting full.  Find out if the King really can handle the truth!

(3 Males, 3 Females, 1 M/F and Extras)

JESTER (M) the professional funny-man of the court.  This character should be particularly good with facial expression and physical humor.

TOWN CRIER (M/F) the professional announcement-maker of the court.

KING (M) an irritable monarch, though the actor need not be so in real life.

QUEEN (F) a wise and patient woman who’s married to the irritable monarch.

LORD DARNELL (M) a nobleman and friend of the king (as much as you can be friends).

LADY DARNELL (F) a noblewoman with opinions of her own.

FORTUNE TELLER (F) a true and discerning woman of the wood.

2 GUARDS (NON-SPEAKING) (M/F) escort service to the dungeon.

COURTIER (2 lines) (M/F) general doorman of the court.

SERVANTS (NON-SPEAKING) (M/F) Uh, you know: they’re servants.


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