A Ring of Lies

This is a sequel to our popular script “The Ring of Truth.”  The Wise Woman of the Wood has offended the Duchess of York and is brought to the castle. Though she lost the Ring of Truth in a poker game, she does have the Ring of Lies, which forces the wearer to tell only lies. At first blush, this may not seem helpful, but a complete lie can lead to the whole truth.  The ring reveals the hidden motives of characters—and one lucky audience member who gets to wear the ring to tell us how she manages her husband. Though honesty is the best policy, this script shows that fabrication is the best complication.

(4 Male, 5 Female, and Extras 2M, 3F, 2M/F)

JESTER (M) the professional funny-man of the court.  

FIONA (F) a servant woman in the castle.

TOWN CRIER (M) the professional announcement-maker of the court. 

PRINCE GARETH (M) a quiet and shy monarch.

QUEEN MUM (F) domineering mother to Prince Gareth.  She would like to be the regent for a while longer.  A good while longer. 

DUCHESS OF YORK (F) wants a rich and weak husband.  The Prince fits that description. 

PRINCESS DAFFODIL (F) wants a kind and honest husband. The Prince fits that description.

DUKE OF BURGUNDY (M) has his eye on Princess Daffodil. He wants to win her . . . wealth. 

WISE WOMAN (F) a true and discerning woman of the wood. 

SERVANTS (NON-SPEAKING) (2 M/3 F) Larry, Harry, Mary, Keri, and Vivian: they can set a table faster than an Indy 500 pit stop.

2 GUARDS (NON-SPEAKING) (M/F) escort service to the dungeon.


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