A Loop in Time

Duke Dagon is visiting Court, but no one can stand him. Not only is he planning to usurp the throne, but he cheats at Tiddlywinks. The King has suffered memory loss from a recent injury, so the Queen hatches a plan to make Dagon think he is reliving the same day over and over again so that, eventually, Dagon will reveal his plot to overthrow the King. As the scene keeps repeating, Dagon gets crazier, with hilarious consequences. Lots of fun audience interaction and lots of laughs.

(3 Male, 3 Female, Extras)

KING (M) A king who’s suffered a recent injury which causes him to repeat himself.

QUEEN (F) A clever queen who does not like Duke Dagon.

JESTER (M) The funny man of the Court. He has a thing for the Minstrel.

FIONA (F) A servant girl with a lot of spirit.

MERRY THE MINSTREL (F) Singer of songs, teller of tales, and has a thing for the Jester.

DUKE DAGON (M) Wants to usurp the throne and is generally a conniving personality.


GUARD 1 (M) No lines, but still a fun role.

GUARD 2 (M) No lines, but still a fun role.

COURTIERS (M/F) Various royalty to fill the head table, if desired.

PAGES/SERVANTS (M/F) Those who escort guests to tables and serve the food.


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