A Fool for Your Love

The former Jester is so clumsy that he caused a fire at the Royal Table, so he has disappeared in a puff of smoke. His replacement, a female Jester, has a different perspective, and the King could live without her social commentary. Lady Abigail is betrothed, against her will, to Lord Boris, who takes a fancy to this new Jestress.  Meanwhile, the Jester sneaks back to court and enlists the Town Crier’s help in getting his job back.  Disguised as the Jestress, he is mistakenly wooed by Lord Boris. The Jestress changes some outdated attitudes, and the Jester teaches Lord Boris how to treat a lady. This mixed-up comedy about fools in love is a favorite.

(4 Male, 3 Female, 1 M/F, Extras)

TOWN CRIER (M) Professional announcement maker with a keen eye for fashion. His costume should include a cape.

PAGE (M/F) Servant of the court.

JESTER (M) Professional jokester by trade, very clumsy by nature.

LORD BORIS (M) Boorish brother of the king, engaged to Lady Abigail through an arranged marriage, which he does not take seriously. His costume should include a cape.

LADY ABIGAIL (F) The queen’s niece who is engaged to Lord Boris, through an arranged marriage, which she is not happy about.

KING (M) The guy who arranged the marriage that Abigail and Boris are not so keen on.

QUEEN (F) Abigail’s aunt, it also appears she’s not too fond of arranged marriages.

JESTRESS (F) Talented in singing, instrument playing, dance, and sword swallowing. But her jokes aren’t very good.


COURTIERS (M/F) Nobility who help fill the Royal Table.

SERVANTS, GUARDS, PAGES (M/F) Announce and escort guests and help serve the meal.



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