New to Madrigals?

Not sure where to begin?  Check out Hosting a Madrigal or Medieval Dinner, our how-to book that will walk you through the basics of the dinner including:

  •  A timeline for planning, promoting, and performing your madrigal or medieval dinner.
  • What committees you need to make the event possible.
  • Tips for the banquet.
  • Tips for training your servers.
  • Improv exercises for your actors.
  • Costume suggestions, decoration ideas, and much more!

We took notes so that you don’t have to learn the hard way! Check out our Table of Contents:

What’s the difference between a madrigal and medieval dinner, anyway?

Quick reference to the age

Basic Renaissance vocabulary

General tips for your dinner

Timeline for preparation

Committee tasks

  • Publicity & fliers
  • Ticket sales & reservations
  • Programs
  • Sound/lighting
  • Decorations & stock pieces
  • Costumes
  • Food preparation
  • Kitchen staff
  • Servants & pages (wait staff)
  • Strike (tear-down)

Help for the director of the show

  • Selecting a location & figuring out a floor plan
  • Platforms
  • Setting the mood
  • Details, details, details

Ideas that maximize your event

  • Marketplace ideas
  • Pre-show entertainment
  • Welcome & blessing
  • Set the tone